Majesty Mansion Hotel 

A private territory of Majesty Mansion is forged  
according to our deep understanding to your taste 
casting the leadership spirit into the 17000 square meters’ luxury space 
To build a full-function one-stop business leisure center 
and the only top customized private club with “sea-air-land” resources 
so scarce in the world 
that only a cherishing heart can be a match 

The Functional Plan for the First Floor                  The Functional Plan for the Second Floor 

Function Configuration

Boutique HotelDeluxe room, hotel-style apartment, coffee bar

Sea-air-land Club

Health center: gymnasium, male and female bathing, sauna, Korean sauna room, SPA therapy, Chinese medicine consultation, swimming pool
Catering service: tea house, fruit bar, full-time meal, Chinese food, dinner party, business center, KTV
Others: Buddhism cultural exchange center, cellar

Boutique Hotel
       The boutique hotel on the 27-36 floors, C block of Majesty Mansion, carefully orchestrated by Furi Group, is a world coastal hotel with originality and taste. The boutique hotel boasts 77 deluxe rooms and executive rooms. The former includes grand deluxe view rooms, private and intimate rooms for ladies exclusive use and fully equipped family connective suites; the latter is an entire sea-view room with an area of 150 square meters, including a study room, reception area, independent bathroom, etc. 

Hotel-style Apartment
       On the 3-26 floors in Block C is the hotel-style apartment. The owner bought this apartment mainly for the purpose of investment, which is a rare resource with tremendous appreciation opportunity and satisfaction for the demands for vacations. The owner could deliver the hotel-style apartment to our management team. Not only can the rooms be under better care, the owner can also get decent considerable economic return. Besides, the owner will be entitled a regular free stay in the hotel-style apartment. The leaseback business provides the owner of block C with quality assurance , which can increase the value and profit of the house. 

Coffee Bar

       On the top of the boutique hotel stands a coffee bar, which provides a 270-degree overview of Qingdao. The guests can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of mountain and sea in Qingdao over fine wines and gourmet.  

Coffee Bar                                          Sea-air-land Club 

Sea-air-land Club
       The Sea-air-land Club will forge the only high-end luxury business club equipped with sea-air-land resources. In addition to the special service provided by the world’s top luxury yacht, sailing vessels, private jets and world’s top-level luxury cars, the club is fully equipped with the latest Arkin facilities. By collecting the highest qualities of other high-end clubs, our club aims to provide a set of “one-stop” full-function supporting services for a high-end lifestyle. The guests can enjoy a comprehensive high-quality service in our club and don’t bother to experience one characteristic service in other clubs.  

Gallery and Exhibition Hall for Luxury Vehicles
       Besides the lobby lies the 1200-square-meter exhibition hall for luxury vehicles and artworks. A combination of luxury vehicle brands of Furi Group (Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, etc.) with the other functions of collecting and exhibiting artworks, the exhibition hall not only increases the business value of Majesty Mansion but also meets the requirements of a high-end boutique hotel and club.

 The World’s Top Luxury   SPA
       The club will introduce the operating management of the international top-level SPA. According to the applicable area, there will be 5 luxury SPA rooms to serve the club guests with perfect service. In the waiting area, it will be equipped with comfortable sofa, boutique SPA commodity area and negotiation area. In each SPA room, an independent controllable music playing system will be provided.
The independent steam system in the SPA room is popular with ladies, because they can experience wet steaming function when showering.
Each room has a bathtub. It is convenient for the guests because the changing and showering rooms are in the same space. Besides, the floor heating system in the room makes it more comfortable. Other functions are normally SPA set.

Tea House, Fruit Bar
       The clubs has tea house and fruit bar. The tea house is a multi-functioning space, which not only offers the guests a leisure chatting space, but also serves as a VIP reception space. Besides, it sells tea and teapots.
The fruit bar is used as a public place, which provides drinks, juice and special nutrition porridge. These things can either be enjoyed while resting in the fruit bar or be sent to multi-functioning area for the guests taste. Things in fruit bar can at the same time be used by gymnasium. The bar counter can serve both sides, which meets the needs of each service area and adds special drinking service.

Cigar Bar                                          Gym


The gymnasium covers an area of 430 square meters, surpassing the standard of five-star hotel.
The gymnasium overlooks the sea, therefore the treadmill is placed to face the outside. This arrangement gives the guests a different feel, as the runner can either view the sea or watch the TV screen while running.
The gymnasium selects the most advanced fitness equipment brands. It includes equipment fitness area, yoga room, personal training area and fitness testing room, which enable the guests to build their body scientifically. The guests can enjoy fun of fitness while being surrounded by beautiful sea scenery.

Ballroom                                          Ballroom 

Korea sauna room
       All Korea sauna rooms are designed and constructed by experts from Korea, making a unique Medical Stone high temperature steam room (with a independent room for both man and woman), jade room, loess room in China.
High temperature of Medical Stone steam room is popular among the Korean, It has the following advantage: 1. An obvious effect on improving our body, maintaining beauty and lossing weight. 2. Accelerate blood circulation, open pores, make inner environment unblocked, thus completely rule out wastage within one’s body. 3. Activate the resting cells within, strengthen human immunity, promote wound healing and cure various skin diseases. 4. Strengthen the function of trachea, bronchus and lung and works for desensitization and sputum excretion. 5. Rule out sweat and toxin accumulated within, relieve the pain of arthritis, gastrointestinal disease, chronic bronchitis and other symptoms. 6. Increase the body’s metabolism, reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, triglyceride, increase exercise endurance. 7. Function of promoting skin regeneration and antibacterial. 8. Improve acidic body and treat sub-health population in cities and have a very good effect on sleep and neurasthenia.

Swimming pool                                          Swimming pool 

Swimming pool
       The swimming pool has the cleanest superb water with a size of 25*12.5 and a depth of 1.38m.
1、The swimming pool is equipped with the world advanced multi-stage filtration purification and ozone disinfection equipment.
2、The swimming pool is specially added Medical Stone filter system. With the unique filter system, the swimming pool perfectly reach the world-class water quality.
3、The swimming pool has a sun glass roof. The guests can not only enjoy swimming in natural sunlight but also read books, drink tea, coffee and chat with friends lying on the couch. What a pleasant entertainment!
4、To achieve the world-class water quality, the swimming pool is equipped with clean foot pool with multi-level disinfection. The guests have to pass the clean foot pool before swimming in the pool, which can avoid the phenomenon that some guests refuse to clean their feet before swimming. Besides, the swimming area is fitted with a showering function before swimming. The guests have to take a shower before entering into the pool, which will ensure the water quality.
5、The swimming area has a hot massage pool.
6、The swimming pool introduced the most advanced constant temperature and humidity equipment, making sure the sense of comfort of the guests.
7、The swimming poos has two independent showering rooms and two restrooms.
8、Floor heating system in swimming area improves their sense of comfort.
9、The swimming pool is equipped with underwater audio system. The guests can enjoy the music while swimming, upgrading the function and level of the swimming pool.

Full-day meal

There are 120 seats in self service restaurant and table service restaurant. The breakfast is provided in forms of buffet, while lunch and dinner are mainly table service, with Chinese and Western food. Such arrangement not only caters the guests but also meet the demands of the VIP and the owners.

          Chinese food compartment
      The club sets up two luxury Chinese food VIP rooms. A large room can hold 16-20 people, with KTV function. Another one can hold 10-14 persons. Both rooms have independent dinning room, restroom and wardrobe. The large room has two gates, in order to prevent the sound from the KTV from influencing guests in other area.

Multi-function hall, meeting room, KTV

     The multi-function hall can hold a banquet and conference for 150 to 200 people. The hall also enjoys the function of holding both banquet and conference. The small meeting room can hold a meeting of 20 to 30 people for all guests of the hotel and the club. Besides, the club is fitted with two KTV rooms to improve the function of the hotel. 



     International first-line furniture model: Italian Home Furnishing Center

     Furi Group startedto import advanced furniture in 2012. Minotti, Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Poliform,etc. are all international first-line furniture brands. 100% of them are madein Italy with stylish design and delicate manufacturing process. There are manymuseum-level classic items. Strong design team can provide you with professional buying advice and sound after-sales services, what you need to do is just topay attention to life itself. Elegant living environment creates noble lifestyle.The unremitting pursuit of high-quality life and persistent attention toproducts and service details enable us to flexibly serve your life.