Group Core Value: Self-oriented Culture- seeking the cause in myself instead of somebody else.

        Confucius said, The gentleman seeks the cause in himself while the mean man seeks everything from others. which is derived from The Analects of Confucius-Duke Wei Ling. Its core meaning lies in that the people with the gentlemens conduct, more often than not, find themselves responsible for the failure to overcome the difficulties and problems, but the mean men without the gentlemens conduct usually have others to blame in the face of difficulties and problems or seek the objective reasons. It happens that there is a similar saying in Mencius- Remarks of Gongsun Chou, If you miss the target, try to identify the objective reasons from yourself and dont have others to blame. It can be thus understood that when we meet with setbacks, be sure not to blame others but find the cause of the problem in ourselves in a bid to correct it with efforts. Two famous Confusions masters in Spring and Autumn Period several thousand years ago in Ancient China identified seeking the cause in myself instead of somebody else as the basic principle to conduct ourselves. Furi Group follows the four levels of behavioral norms Know Myself- Change Myself- Sacrifice Myself and Forget Myself from the self-oriented perspective to interpret and understand Self-oriented Culture.

        Know Myself (Premise) fully know and understand myself as the answer to all success and failure lies in myself.

        Change Myself (Approach) Change myself as I fail to change the environment but can only change myself.

        Sacrifice Myself (Mindset) Sacrifice myself and learn to be grateful; the perfect details contribute to our brilliant success and modest quality helps us win the trust from others.

        Forget Myself (Success) Forget myself and get fully immersed into the enterprise and seek the superior success by devoting myself to work.


        Operation Philosophy of the Group: Go for Perfection and Detail Oriented

      Go for Perfection and Detail Oriented is the other realm, the goal, a persistent pursuit as well as an established habit. There is no perfect person and thing in the world, so in view of our work, we are pursuing a better goal but should not be overcritical. It is a process of going for perfect as it is very happy and joyful for the life. The achievement of each small target represents a step closer to the big goal. In essence, going for perfect is the pursuit of excellence, which represents a process for the continuous self-transcendence. We have a little progress each day with good performance and better performance. Do all our achievements come from the persistence and efforts made on the road to go for perfect? Anything worthy of being done is worth doing well enough; anything worthy of being better done is worth doing to perfection. It is true of conducting ourselves.   


       Management objective of the Group: our enterprise should satisfy each employee, win the recognition from the clients and make the valuable contribution to the society.

       This goal associates the development Furi Group with the aspiration of employees of Furi Group for the personal value, so each Furi employee is devoted to his or her own post work, gains the satisfactory material and spiritual returns and fully achieve the personal value and aspiration while obtaining the recognition from clients, making contribution and creating the value to the society.